About Mad Theatrics

Welcome to the new and improved Mad Theatrics!

Your Editor-in-chief

What started as simply a place to vent about theatrical frustrations grew to a (somewhat) respectable review and commentary site covering live theater in Los Angeles. Our mission was to cover the theater scene and write reviews from the enlightened position of people who have actually produced theater in the Los Angeles scene. To that end, I believe we were very successful.

Or, in the words of the artistic director for one of LA’s better intimate theater companies, Mad Theatrics became “a refreshing, unrehearsed and intelligent alternative voice in the LA scene.” That’s what we were going for!

Meanwhile, The founders of Mad Theatrics have pulled away from the “legit” stage, and into the wild world of neo-burlesque. Our friends and cohorts were suddenly populated by clowns, dancers, jugglers, magicians, circus acrobats, sideshow performers, and more.

For a decade now, this inspiring and eclectic scene has been our artistic home. We still approach our craft with the same theatrical training and experience, but our tastes and interests have ranged far beyond the black box theater.

It only made sense to refocus the mission of Mad Theatrics.

Mad Theatrics is your gateway to explore the variety arts.

As the great Peter Brook wrote, “the theatre of noise is the theatre of applause.” Let’s make some noise!